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Kerpen is the pearl of the Rhine-Erft region and is characterised by lively urban districts, wonderful countryside and economic benefits due to its proximity to one of the major autobahn junctions in Germany.

Signs of life and settlements spanning almost 5,000 years have been discovered in the area around Kerpen and some parts of the city have been officially recorded since the 9th century.

But today’s city of Kerpen has only been reunited for the last thirty years.

A city that fosters the inheritance of Horrem, Kerpen, Manheim, Bluir, Blatzheim, Sindorf and Türnich, and now continues to endeavour upon its own history.

Kerpen’s past can be discovered today with its splendid castles – and for anyone wanting to know that little bit more can visit the city’s archives and browse historical documents under the watchful eye of an expert!

History is still being written in Kerpen today – Michael and Ralf Schumacher are rewriting Formula 1 history, and the Catholic Church chose our city to host parts of the World Youth Day 2005!

For locals and visitors alike, Kerpen has something exciting to offer each and every day – something that you just have to experience yourself!


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